As the home to many production studios for famous entertainment companies such as Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, and Walt Disney, is it any wonder that Burbank, California, is sometimes referred to as the “Media Capital of the World”? Of course, there are many other points of interest in this bustling city just northeast of Hollywood, including excellent restaurants, retailers, theme parks, museums, and outdoor adventures. With such a diverse economy, we at Master Accounting aim to offer practical solutions to the unique challenges and needs of businesses in Burbank.

As a solopreneur or small business owner who is acting as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for your enterprise, perhaps you find that you have too much on your plate, and managing your organization’s financials has become an inefficient obstacle to your company’s growth. It is not unusual for business owners and managers in Burbank to feel like they are taking on more than they can bear or to believe that the time spent on financial matters has become a hindrance. Our outsourced controller services can ease this burden and help your business stay on track.

How Fractional CFOs and Fractional Controller Services Differ

The primary task of a fractional CFO is to regulate and assess your financial actions, including cash flow management, financial planning, and the positives and negatives of your company’s finances. A fractional controller, on the other hand, monitors the accounting department of the business to ensure the accurate preparation of essential financial reports, such as balance sheets and income statements.

Our Burbank, CA, Fractional Controller Services

At Master Accounting, we provide comprehensive fractional controller services that meet your financial and accounting needs for a fraction of the amount you would spend to hire and onboard a full-time controller. Our dedicated fractional controllers immerse themselves in your company’s culture to take on the identity of your business, which helps to ensure that you receive cohesive and accountable financial management while eliminating problems that arise with fragmented accounting and financial activities.

When you choose our fractional controller services, your business will have access to the expertise and strategic guidance of our experienced professionals. We provide valuable support and can leverage our network of experts to meet your specific needs and plans as we draw upon years of experience working with organizations across industries. Traditional controllers are becoming increasingly scarce in today’s world, so investing in fractional controllers as a practical and affordable way to meet your business needs is a sensible solution.

Key fractional controller services that we offer are numbered below:

  1. Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) Processing: We handle your cash receipts/accounts receivable and cash disbursements/accounts payable while managing payments, bills, invoices, reporting, and account updates.
  2. Budgeting Help: Our budgeting experts analyze your expenses, help you develop smart financial goals, provide a financial resources forecast, and suggest changes needed to improve your financial outlook.
  3. Guidance and Planning: To assist you in seeing a clear picture of your company’s performance in order to make sound decisions, our team thoroughly breaks down your financial situation and provides fixed asset tracking.
  4. Analysis & Preparation of Financial Statements: We prepare precise financial statements, such as statements of retained earnings, income statements, statements of cash flows, and balance sheets. We can also analyze your financial statements and assist with filing quarterly and year-end statements.
  5. Regulatory and Industry Compliance: Our compliance experts evaluate your financial procedures and practices to ensure adherence to industry-wide guidelines in addition to local and state accounting requirements. We also offer support with the implementation of new accounting principles and other fiscal regulations.
  6. Compilation Services: Our team organizes supporting documentation, schedules, and records in a financial statement format for lenders, auditors, and tax preparers.

Partnering with Master Accounting for your controller services provides a number of benefits:

  • Hedge Against Turnover Rate: Avoid the lengthy and cumbersome process of finding replacements for accounting, controller, or bookkeeping positions. With our outsourced controller services, you have the advantage of working with a dedicated team that is already in place, which removes the need to hire and train new staff.
  • Maximize Confidentiality: As your reliable partners, we ensure the security and confidentiality of your financial information. Our company upholds strict privacy standards that safeguard your business against the exposure of confidential data.
  • Eliminate Single-Point-of-Failure: Avoid problems caused by a single point of failure, such as if your controller or accounting staff is unavailable. We can seamlessly continue your financial operations without interruption.
  • Save Money: For small and medium-sized businesses, the price of employing a full-time CFO or controller can be prohibitive. Our fractional controller services offer the same expertise at a fraction of the cost, which gives you the opportunity to allocate your financial resources more efficiently.

Master Accounting: Fractional Controller Services in Burbank, CA

Master Accounting is your trusted local partner for professional fractional controller services in Burbank, California. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have been helping outfits like yours since 2004.

Let us provide financial management solutions while you focus on expanding your enterprise with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make running your company or organization easier.